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What is Decipad?

We shouldn't need to be analysts (or programmers) to make sense of our own information. In fact, information is spread across so many sources even analysts struggle to make sense of it all.

In our every day, it's our mortgages, bank, groceries. At work, it's all the lovely tools we use to be super organized, but that end up disconnected from each other. We rely on our intuition to make choices, but there's a simpler way.

Decipad is an interactive notebook to gather information, build models in minutes and bring data-driven ideas to life.

At Decipad, we want to enable everyone to make better decisions that make life better. We want to enable ops teams, entrepreneurs and other business teams alike to codify their processes. To build models that suit their business. Models that evolve as you grow. An operating system for your company. Build once, solve that problem forever.

Deci will allow you to collaborate with others to have new insights. It will enable you to share what you discovered and make sense of data in real time. Deci wants to give you and your team superpowers without learning how to code.

Why join us?

Weโ€™re an experienced, global team coming together from open source, blockchain and social media.

We are backed by some of the best investors across the US and Europe. They shaped the first wave of โ€œfuture of workโ€ companies and share our belief that Decipad can be next.

Over the past 15 years our team has been building successful, enduring companies like YLD, Nodejitsu, utrust, and many others.

We shaped the path of technologies like Node.js, NPM, and Filecoin. Weโ€™ve scaled teams and products at LinkedIn and Facebook. And, Our open source work is used by millions of people everyday.

We have enough funds to work for two years. So thereโ€™s financial security for you and your family, while building technology that can change the way people use and work with data around the world.

We hope this section gives you the trust to work alongside us. Itโ€™s exciting to take on a new challenge, learning an incredible amount and having fun every day. But we know itโ€™s also scary to take a job at a startup.

Joining experienced innovators like us means you can enjoy all of the benefits but backed by a team with a proven track record. So that the next entrepreneur can be you.

Meet the team

We are a remote first team:


You can check our profiles online. If you want to chat we are all available on ๐Ÿ’ฌ discord!

Open positions

Open Application

If there isnโ€™t a position for you, you can also send us an open application.

Archived positions

Product Designer

Operations Associate

Education Associate

Community Manager

Customer Experience and GTM, Manager

Our ethos

What is interviewing at Deci like?

Our promise is not to waste your time.

If you have suggestions on how to be more efficient with it please let us know, we would love to hear from you.

<aside> 0๏ธโƒฃ Scouting


We are always looking for talent. We search the internet for like minded people with projects we find inventive, fun, and related to what we do.

By doing this we avoid wasting peopleโ€™s time.

This also means we can spend our conversations giving you all the information you need about us! Cause we already took the time to get to know you a little.

Feel free to join our discord channel and introducing yourself. If you are looking and we have a role that you think suits you, please do apply. We would love to know.

<aside> 1๏ธโƒฃ Getting to know each other (30m)


We start by having a first phone call with the team and you.

We want to know if we would make a good team together.

We think teams win over individuals every time. We want to see if people would be a good fit in our team.

Do we feel like working with you would be amazing? Would working with our team help you jump out of bed filled with energy?

<aside> 2๏ธโƒฃ Craft Stage (asynchronous)


We don't do silly things like whiteboard interviews or algorithm tests. No one invested the future by memorising a book (we think?). So, relax, no need to prepare.

We will likely ask you to send something you built that you are proud of.

Or you might prefer a small challenge where you can build something? Our goal is that it should take less than fifteen minutes to complete the challenge. We want to see how you think.

For instance, if you are a software engineer we can ask you to implement lazy evaluation.

If you have open source code, or your design portfolio online, we would love to see it. If you wrote pieces about the why you did things in a certain manner, do send it our way.

You can do the challenge at your pace and then send it to our email.

<aside> 3๏ธโƒฃ Working together (1 hour)


In this stage of the process we try to have a short session where we work together. We try to be as real as we can be. Direct, honest, and creative.

We want to see how people work in our team so we can understand if we are going to have a good team spirit going forward.

If you are a software engineer this might be a pair-programming session. For a designer, building a new logo together?

Or even pick the challenge you did in the previous stage and build a new piece of functionality.

<aside> 4๏ธโƒฃ Offer


We hope you join us!